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React/Express/GraphQL // web app



Meteor // online course

No Guesswork: Marketing for Developers


The client is about to release their new car next month, and they want 4 different commercials to make sure the whole world knows about it. we put countless hours into them and present it expecting them to like it just as much as the test group did. The client company's CTO thinks it's 'too edgy' while the CFO thinks it's 'not edgy enough and should look more modern'. Even with the amazing response from our surveys and the fact that everyone else loved it, the opinion of 2 people meant it was disapproved and all those hours were for nothing.

This above scenario shows why developers tend to shy away from marketing; Developers depend on rationality, absolute truths, and certainty to do their jobs, and they want solutions to problems that are correct 100% of the time. The subjectivity and uncertainty which is so prevalent in the world of marketing (like the fact that you can never really know for sure how many more customers a store got because of a billboard they put up) usually seems absurd to developers since you're literally investing money while fully knowing that you won't ever know if that investment was profitable.

"No Guesswork" is a free course on marketing approached in a manner that a developer would: The methodology which it teaches relies only on absolute truths and takes advantage of common sense, logic, and the scientific method to let you market your product in a way which is satisfactory to the typical developer's highly analytical mind. The book also outlines tons of actionable changes you can make to your web app which I've identified over the years after running more than 500 A/B tests on hundreds of websites throughout a large variety of industries with sufficiently large sample sizes. View the whole course for free.

Node, Express

Is It Ghosted?

Free tool to check if your craigslist ad has been ghosted by simply giving it the URL to your ad. Written in Node + Express, utilizes HTTP for requests to craigslist and cheerio to parse the result(s).

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Apathy Syntax Theme

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A syntax theme I've been polishing since I used Sublime Text, which is now one of the most popular themes used in Atom. Download it here.